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Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

The Highest Gift

The gift of Truth excels all other gifts.

Accept Truth

If you find truth in any religion, accept that truth!

See The Buddha

One who sees my teachings sees me.

Serve The Buddha

One who serves the sick serves me.

The External Law

In this world hatred can never be appeased by hatred. Hatred can only be appeased by love.
This is the eternal law.

World Within You

In this very one fathom long body along with perception and thoughts, I proclaim the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world, and the path leading to the end of the world.

Mind Is The Forerunner

By mind the world is led, by the mind the world is drawn. And all men own the sovereignity of mind.

Two Different Paths

One is the road that leads to worldly gain, one leads to deathlessness – Eternal Bliss.

Everything Is Impermanent

All conditioned things are impermanent. When one see this in Wisdom, then one becomes dispassionate towards the painful.


It is because you and I do not understand and comprehend the four noble truths that we have to run this long and weary round of existence-Samsara.

Lucky Day

Fools wait for a lucky day, but everyday is a lucky day for an industrious man.

Worldly Ties

The secret of happiness lies in mind’s release from worldly ties.

Insufficient Knowledge

The man of little learning grows old like the ox.
His body grows but wisdom grows not.

Life Is Dear To All

All tremble at the rod. All fear death. Feeling for others as for oneself, one should neither kill nor cause to kill.

A Religion To Practise

This is a religion for one to come and practise but not just to come and believe.

Evil-Doer Grieves

The evil-doer grieves here, he grieves hereafter. He grieves in both worlds. He grieves, he perishes with his own impure deed.

Vigilance and Negligence

Vigilance is the path to deathlessness. Negligence is the path to death. The vigilant do not die. The negligent are as if dead already.

Real fool

The fool who is aware of his foolishness is wise at least to that extent. But the fool who thinks himself wise is a fool indeed.

Highest Virtues

Tolerance, patience and understanding are the highest virtues every man should develop.

Righteous Living

The Middle Path of righteous living brings
knowledge and understanding. It brings insight,
leads to calm and wisdom, to awakening – Nirvana

Fortunate People

Blessed are they who earn their living without hurting others.

Equip Yourself

Vast learning, perfect handicraft, a highly trained discipline, and pleasant speech – this is a blessing.

Your Duties

Support thy mother and father, Cherish loved ones and children. This is a blessing.

Act Wisely

Do not associate with fools,
Associate with the wise,
Honour those who are worthy of honour –
This is a blessing.

Behave Gently

Let not one deceive another, nor despise any person whatsoever in any place. In anger or ill will, let him not wish any harm to another.

The Innocent

He who harms the innocent must bear the fruit of his act, like dust flung against the wind.

Bad Habits

The man who is a debauchee, a drunkard, a gambler, and who squanders whatsoever he possess- is the cause of his own downfall.

Give Up Evil

Give up evil; it can be done. If it were not possible to give up evil, I would not say so. Since it can be done, I advise you to give up evil.

Caste Differences

Just as the great rivers such as the Ganga, the Yamuna, Aciravati, Sarabhu and Mahi, when they fall into the ocean lose their former names and are known as the ocean, even so do the people of different castes, when they have gone forth in the Doctrine and Discipline taught by the Buddha, from a home to a homeless life, lose their former names and clans and are known as ascetics.

Health and Contentment

Health is the greatest wealth; contentment is the greatest happiness.

Vicious Mouth

In each man’s mouth at birth is born an axe, wherewith the fool who speaks ill cuts himself.

Practise Before You Preach

Let a Man apply himself to what is proper before he preaches others.

Art Of Talking

Speak the truth not untruth,
Say what is pleasant, not unpleasant;
Speak what is true, not false.
Speak only words that do not bring remorse
Nor hurt another. That is good speech indeed.

Conquer Yourself

Though one should conquer a million men in battlefield, yet indeed, he is the noblest victor who has conquered himself.

Strengthen Your Mind

Even as a solid rock is unshaken by the wind, so are the wise unshaken by praise or blame.

Develop Your Mind

As rain penetrates an ill-thatched house, so lust penetrates an undeveloped mind.


Do not depend on others; develop your self-confidence.

Serve Others Wisely

Do not forget your spiritual development while serving others.

Use Your Own Effort

It is through unshaken perseverance that I have reached the light, through unceasing effort that I have reached the peace supreme. If you also will strive unceasingly, you too will within a short time reach the highest goal of bliss by understanding and realising it yourselves.

Be Mindful

A young and strong person who does not strive when he should strive, who is given to idleness, who is loose in his purpose and thoughts, and who is lazy – that idle never finds the way to wisdom.


Wheresoever fear arises, it arises in the mind of the fool, not in that of the wise man.

Real Peace

Real peace comes from within. Seek not from outside.

Accept Wisely

One should not accept anything with mere faith; but one should use one’s common sense and intelligence before accepting anything.

Don’t Be Idle

A useful single day’s life of intense effort is better than a hundred years of idleness and inactivity.

The Middle Path

Practise the Middle Path without going to extremes; practise it in every aspect of your life.

Keep The Mind Fresh

When your physical body is sick, do not allow your mind also to be sick.


Radiate your loving-kindness to every living being without any discrimination.

Righteous Way Of Life

He who leads a righteous way of life, will find that noble virtue itself to protect and guide him.

Avoid Evil

Neither for the sake of oneself nor for the sake of another should one do wrong, not even for the sake of acquiring wealth, kingdom or children, should one do wrong. Such a one is indeed virtuous, wise and righteous.

Be Detached

He who never thinks of anything as ‘mine’, who does not feel the lack of anything, he is never worried by as sense of loss.

The Origin

It is inconceivable to find the beginning of Samsara (cycle of birth and death). A first beginning of beings who wander on in Samsara, bounded by ignorance and fettered by craving, cannot be seen.

Reap What You Sow

According to the seed that’s sown
So is the fruit you reap there from,
The doer of good will gather good,
The doer of evil, evil reaps

Cause and Effect

We are the results of what we were and we will be the results of what we are.

You Are Responsible

Your misdeeds were not committed by your parents, nor by your brothers and sisters, nor by your friends nor kinsfolk, nor by recluses and priests, it is you who are responsible.

No Place To Hide

Not in the sky, nor in the mid-ocean, not in mountain cave, is found that place on earth where abiding one may escape from the consequences of one’s own evil deed.

Evil deed

So long as an evil deed does not affect the fool, he thinks that it is honey; but when it affects him, then he comes to grief.

Highest Achievements

Acquire wisdom, practise devotion, morality, and charity.

Happiness Here

The accomplishment of persistent effort, the accomplishment of watchfulness, good friendship and balanced livelihood leads to happiness.

Happiness of Renunciation

The happiness of the senses and the happiness of renunciation, but the greater of the two is the happiness of renunciation.

Wrong Beliefs

Belief that everything is due to previous kamma,
Belief that everything is due to supernatural causes,
Belief that everything appears without any cause.

Four Groups of People (I)

Those who go from darkness to darkness,
Those who go from light to darkness,
Those who go from darkness to light,
Those who go from light to light.

Four Groups of People (II)

Those who look after themselves and ignore others, Those who look after others and ignore themselves, Those who neglect themselves as well as others, Those who look after themselves as well as other.

Think Before You Act

Whatever action you intend to perform by body, speech or mind, first think: “Will this action be harmful to myself or to others or to both? Will this action produce suffering?” If it is harmful,
avoid doing it.

Think While You Act

Whatever action you are performing by body, speech or mind, first think: “Will this action be harmful to myself or to others or to both? Will this action produce suffering?” If it is harmful, avoid doing it.

Think After You Act

Whatever action you have performed by body, speech or mind, think: “Was this action harmful to myself or to others or both? Did this action produce suffering?” If it was harmful, avoid doing it.


Develop the meditation on loving-kindness and discard ill-will. Develop the meditation on compassion and discard cruelty. Develop the meditation on sympathetic joy and discard jealousy. Develop the mediation on equanimity and discard restlessness. Develop the meditation on impermanence and discard pride.

Selfmastered One Is The Real Conqueror

Better is it truly to conquer oneself than to conquer others. Neither a god, nor an ‘angel’, nor Mara, nor Brahma could turn into defeat the victory of a person such as this who is selfmastered and ever retrained in conduct.

Take Your Own Refuge

Oneself is one’s own protector (refuge); what other protector (refuge) can there be? With oneself fully controlled, one obtains a protection (refuge) which is hard to gain.

You Are Responsible For Your Purity And Impurity

By oneself indeed is evil done and by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone and by oneself indeed is one purified. Purity and impurity depend on oneself. No one can purify another.

Act Deligently To End Your Suffering

Do not commit wrongful actions. Do not dwell in negligence. Do not embrace false views. So the world (i.e. Samsara, the cycle of existence and continuity) is not prolonged.

The Teaching Of The Buddha

To speak no ill, to do no harm, to practise restraint according to the fundamental precepts, to be moderate in eating, to live in seclusion to devote oneself to higher consciousness, this is the Teaching of the Buddhas.

Give Up Victory And Defeat

The conqueror begets enmity; the defeated lie down in distress. The peaceful rest in happiness, giving up both victory and defeat.

Lust Creates Miseries

From lust arises grief; from lust arises fear. For him who is free from lust there is no grief, much less fear.

Transgressor Ruins Himself

As rust, arisen out of iron, eats itself away, even so his own deeds lead the transgressor to the states of woe.

Easy To See The Fault Of Others

The fault of others is easily seen; but one’s own is hard to see. Like chaff one winnows other’s faults; but one’s own one conceals as a crafty fowler disguises himself.

You Have To Work For Your Salvation

You yourselves should make the effort; the Awakened Ones are only teachers. Those who enter this Path and who are meditative are delivered from the bonds of Evil.

Awakened One Shines Day And Night

The sun glows by day; the moon shines by night; in his armour the warrior glows. In meditation shines the holy man. But all day and night shines with radiance the Awakened One.

Live Happily

Happy indeed we live without hate among the hateful. We live free from hatred amidst hateful men.

Be on Guard

Be on guard against physical agitation; be controlled in body. Forsaking bodily misconduct, follow right conduct in body.

Be on guard against verbal agitation; be controlled in words. Forsaking wrong speech, follow right ways in words.

Be on guard against mental agitation; be controlled in thoughts. Forsaking evil thoughts, follow right ways in thoughts.

Fully Controlled Men

The wise are controlled in deed, controlled in words, controlled in thoughts, verily, they are fully controlled.

Impurities Can Be Removed

By degrees little by little, from moment to moment a wise man removes his own impurities, as a goldsmith removes the dross of gold.

Who is the real sage?

Not by silence does one become a sage (muni) if one be foolish and untaught. But the wise man who as if holding a pair of scales, takes what is good and leaves out what is evil, is indeed a sage. For that reason he is a sage. He who understands both sides in this world is called a sage.

The best method to end suffering

Of paths the Eightfold Path is the best;
of truths the Four Words (Noble Truths);
Detachments is the best of states and of bipeds
the Seeing One (the Man of Vision).

This is the only Way. There is no other for the purification of Vision. Follow this Way: this is the bewilderment of Mara (Evil).

Following this Way you shall make an end of suffering. This verily is the Way declared by me when I had learnt to remove the arrow (of suffering).

Craving must be removed

As a tree cut down sprouts forth again if its roots remain uninjured and strong, even so when the propensity to craving is not destroyed, this suffering arises again and again.

Try to be Restraint

Good is restraint of the eye. Good is restraint of the ear. Good is restraint of the nose. Good is restraint of the tongue.

Good is restraint of the body. Good is restraint of the mind. Restraint everywhere is good. The bhikkhu restrained in every way is freed from all suffering.

Who is the real Bhikkhu

He who is controlled in hand, controlled in foot, controlled in speech, and possessing the highest control (of mind), delighted within, composed, solitary and contented, him they call a bhikkhu.

The danger of telling lies

There is no evil that cannot be done by the liar, who has transgressed the one law (of truthfulness) and who is indifferent to a world beyond.

Act Accordingly

Though much he recites the Sacred Texts but acts not accordingly, that heedless man is like a cowherd who courts others’ kine; he has no share in the blessings of a recluse.

Though little he recites the Sacred Texts but acts in accordance with the Teachings, and forsaking lust, hatred, and ignorance, truly knowing, with mind totally freed, clinging for naught here and hereafter, he shares the blessings of a recluse.

Make yourself an Island

By effort, earnestness, discipline, and self-control let the wise man make for himself an island which no flood can overwhelm.

Guard Earnestness

The ignorant, foolish folk indulge in heedlessness; but the wise man guards earnestness as the greatest treasure.

Mind Your Own Business

He should not regard the faults of others, things done and left undone by others, but his own deeds done and undone.

Practice Is More Important

As a flower that is lovely and beautiful, but is scentless, even so fruitless is the well-spoken word of one who practises it not.

Many words are not Necessary

Better than a thousand useless words, is a single useful sentence, hearing which one is pacified.

Respect the elders

For one who ever honours and respects the elders, four blessings increase – age, beauty, bliss, and power.

Single day of Virtuous Life

Though he should live a hundred years, immoral and uncontrolled; yet better, indeed, is it to live a single day, virtuous and meditative.

No Man is Free From Blame and Praise

There never was, there never will be, nor is there now, A person who is wholly blamed or wholly praised.

Parting word of the Buddha

Transient are conditioned things. Try to accomplish your aim with diligence.


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