A Practical Guide To Mindfulness Meditation


Your life is very short but full of suffering. Practice mindfulness meditation to reduce stress and end suffering. You don’t waste time and don’t waste money, but you will have a truly meaningful, valuable and peaceful life. The methods of practicing mindfulness meditation in this book are based on the Buddha’s teachings and applied to real daily life.
Preparing a regular schedule for formal meditation is a crucial part of developing a routine and being comfortable with the practice of meditation. Even just few minutes of your time each day can make a significant contribution. Mindfulness meditation is not about letting your thoughts wander nor is it about attempting to clear your mind of all thoughts. On the contrary, the practice is all about paying full attention to the present moment – in particular, to our own thoughts, feelings, and sensations – regardless of what is taking place. Though practicing meditation on your own is an important element of a comprehensive practice, the steady supervision of an experienced teacher may be quite beneficial, particularly when you are just starting started. The firm directions of a coach might assist you in returning to the present moment when the minds wander too far.
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